Tips For Starting A Blog

starting a blog
Starting a blog
Starting a blog has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Starting a blog takes work you have to be willing to put in the hours and really make it your own. Now that the market is so saturated it is harder to grow a blog but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. 

I’ve learned so much along the way and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. From the good and the bad through all the mistakes & all the triumphs I don’t regret it for a second. 

Cappuccino In The Clouds is still relatively small but I love sitting down every week/ day  & working on it. Looking back over the years from when I first started I can see how much my little blog has changed. From my writing, to my photos & even how I construct a new post it has all improved. It’s true when they say practice makes perfect. As corny as it sounds it’s true. You’ll only get better the more you put into your blog. 

So if you have that idea, the want to create. Then starting a blog, will be the best thing you do!

When I first started out I had no clue what I was doing. I’d read a few blogs had a few ideas of what I wanted to post & talk about and I know how to use a camera. That was it nothing more. 

Let me tell you it’s been a learning curve. 5 years and 2 blogs, countless hours staring at a laptop trying to figure out how HTML really works & I’m still learning. There is always new ways to learn & adapt your talents & your blogging skills. Which is what makes it all the more fun. 

Which is why today I want to share my tips on starting a blog. So get a notebook or if unlike me you’re in the 21st century grab your laptop and get ready to take some notes. 

One quick note before we start just know it takes time to grow a blog you won’t be successful overnight it takes time but it will be worth it.

Tip 1 : Do you’re Research 

Its easy enough to buy a domain set up a site, write a post and boom there’s your blog. However there is so many ways you can create a blog now. From instagram, WordPress, to Squarespace there are so many options. There is also a lot of small details to consider too. So read up about blogging, learn how others got started. 

Find ideas & inspiration of what you want your blog to look & feel. Figure out what message you want to send. Which leads to my next point.. 

Tip 2 : Finding your Niche 

Finding your niche is the way you will determine what topics you will share on your blog. Be that beauty, fashion, travel, interiors etc.. Whatever you are passionate about write about that. More & more now bloggers are branching out from one specific niche to cover multiple ones. Which is great and certainly gives you a variety of content. 

My one piece of advice would be to write what you know. If you love beauty & could talk beauty products until you’re blue in the face. Then go write about beauty. If you know fashion or are a big jet setter & love to travel write about those. It doesn’t mean you can’t write about any other topic. 

It just gives you a building block to start off from. With CITC I cover a variety of topics but I know where my strengths are. I know I’m better at lifestyle pieces than I ever would be at beauty topics. Play to your strengths & find a topic you enjoy. Don’t write something just because you feel like you should be. 

Tip 3 : Picking a blog name 

Choosing a name for your blog can be tricky but it pays off to take your time with this. Take it from me who changed my blog name a couple of times before Cappuccino in the Clouds stuck – to be honest I’m still not 100% happy with it. 

Make sure you search Instagram, Twitter etc so you know its not already taken. Once you’ve decided on a name you can go ahead and purchase your domain. 

Tip 4 : Buying a Domain + Hosting 

I can’t recommend purchasing your domain & self hosting enough. This way the blog is completely yours. With sites like they still have control over your blog and you also can’t add any unique themes or add ons to your design. 

Back to the domains once you purchase the domain it is yours and no one else can claim it. Sites like go daddy sell domains really cheap. They also do hosting too pretty cheap too so you can get it all in one. ( not sponsored just a recommendation) 

Tip 5: Setting up your blog 

Now that you’ve got your name & domain you can set up your blog. To start with there are plenty of free sites you can use to start out with & which are easy to use. Then eventually when you have been blogging for a while you can switch to self hosting.

 I know I mentioned self hosting above but I would recommend trying out a free site first until you get used to blogging & know if you really like it. Then afterwords you can look into self hosting & paid for designs.

Tip 6 : Set up Social Media 

Now that your blog is set up, you’ve got a name all that good stuff! You can go ahead and set up your Social Media. It’s a great idea to link up all your social channels. Meaning you can be easily found. By having all your handles the same as your blog name keeps everything tied together. It allows your followers to identify you easily. Linking your blog URL is also a good idea too so your audience can find your blog easy. 

My social media handles are all @aimeecitc with CITC being short for Cappuccino in the Clouds. This way my Social Media is easily identified with my blog. 

Tip 7 : Writing the first post. 

Moving on now that your blog is set up everything is up & running. You have a name, a working site, you have an instagram account. Now it’s time to write the first post. Don’t worry about the first post too much because trust me it won’t be your best. 

Looking back now I cringe at my first post thankfully it’s  nowhere to be found online. Just know you will get better. So hit publish and you’re read to go. 

Tip 8 : Play to your strengths 

As I said above you will improve with time. Everyone has different strengths through this you will find yours. You may be great with the words but struggling with the photography side. Or vise versa. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one for the other. 

If you struggle with photography side have a look at online tutorials, spend an afternoon shooting random photos. Get too grips with taking photos. Enlist a friend or family member to take photos for you . Look at instagram or Pinterest for photography inspiration. Pin ideas of different styles so you can find out your own style. It will take time but you will figure it out as you go along. 

If you’re still with me I well done you. I know this has been a long post but I hope it’s been helpful if you’re looking at starting a blog. I tried to pack it full of information so you are ready to get going.

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