Why I’m Not a Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger
Fashion Blogger

I was on instagram the other day and found some new to me accounts to follow and all these girls were fashion blogger. Their photos and outfits were amazing. I even found myself saving a few outfits for inspiration. 

They were also all really successful, with upwards of 10k – 40k followers on instagram.

For a second I started comparing myself to them. Thinking why don’t I have that amount of followers. Or why aren’t my photos this good. I’ve been blogging for upwards of 5 years why am I not that successful. 

Then I stopped myself and really thought about it. When I started my blog it was never my aim to be a Fashion Blogger. Having all fashion content & have every photo be an outfit. I wanted – and still do want- my blog to be multifaceted to talk about anything and everything. Mixing fashion with lifestyle. As I’ve said beforeI really don’t like talking about fashion that much. Don’t get me wrong I love reading other peoples fashion content but writing about it just isn’t me. 

Also comparing my photos to their photos I realised was so silly because while I’ve been blogging on my current blog for 3+ years. I have only really in the last year started taking more outfit shots. So in the grand scheme of things I’m only a year into taking more outfit shots when these fashion bloggers have probably been doing it for longer. 

I’m still trying to figure out my style, how to be comfortable in front of the camera too. 

I also think to myself if I really wanted to have that Instagram fashion blog I would be doing everything I could to post something every day. Making it the best it can possibly be and I’m not. I’m happy posting the odd outfit here and there instead. Being true to me and not pretending to be something I’m not. Because in reality I’m in leggings and knitted jumpers everyday probably sitting down reading or writing new content. That’s just me. Being in front of the camera has always taken a back seat for me. 

It’s also what you define as success. To me I’ve now realised having a full fashion instagram account wouldn’t be fun for me. So it means I can find success in other things rather than worrying about pursuing something that isn’t true to me. It also means I can be there cheering these girls who are doing amazingly well and not compare myself to them anymore. 

Meaning its helped me realise to let go a little bit. Stop comparing, stop watching the numbers and do what I love instead of joining the masses.

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